Saturday, 29 November 2014

This was the exact reaction that I got from my friend, when I was speaking to her about enrolling in the KBC, KOMMUNITY BRILLIANCE CONTEST – A Family GK Quiz as part of the Powai Fest, 2015. Pressing to understand better I pushed her with curiosity ‘WHY’ and she obliged

“That is tough.”
“But it is important to be aware “, I retorted

“But you have every information needed on the internet at the press of a button, why spend energy knowing it”, she reverted. She even added, “why a GK Quiz… why create more pressure on children… a simple drawing, singing, art n craft competition is fine…….”

The reaction made me reflect, what was I missing here? Is it old fashioned to believe that GK adds to the knowledge bank and helps an individual grow in confidence… helps in developing the most envied “STREET SMART’ personality…betters a person in general.  

Here are a few benefits of the old fashioned General Knowledge that still bring value in this fast changing world:

General knowledge makes starting conversations easy
General knowledge and current affairs are instant conversation starters and can help you in those typical awkward moments of silence. The boundaries of conversation extend much beyond core areas of interest allowing one to start conversations with virtually anyone and everyone.
Get better grades in school, college and competitive exams
Whether it is a long and dull school essay or prep for an upcoming debate, general knowledge helps to enhance academic knowledge. Students in school and college are in many ways, expected to know what is making the world go around. A high level of general knowledge will passively yet directly affect grades in school, college and even competitive exams.
General knowledge helps you take better decisions in life
The importance of general knowledge and current affair spans beyond being able to shoot off answers or start conversations. General knowledge makes you street smart and helps to take well informed decisions.
Impressing someone with general knowledge is a given
A smart personality and good body language definitely score more than a buff body and curvy figures to impress anyone. Good physical characteristics may be useless if one doesn't know what to talk about or how to sustain long chit chats.
Importance of general knowledge for parents: Helping your kids fare better in school
Handy on General Knowledge would not only make your conversations easier with the new age children but it will help gain respect with your child as well with his/her friends, doing wonders to your child’s confidence and performance
Interact effectively with people from different cultures
In the today’s world where global citizenship is the new age shift, hands-n-GK can give an edge in breaking the ice and gaining momentum. Having general knowledge about different countries and geographies is known to help kids to form a perspective about the world and a culture that is different from their own.
General knowledge helps you keep up with the latest trends
Apart from the fact that general knowledge has multiple practical uses it can also make one trendier. Current affairs is an integral part of the general knowledge domain and skimming through magazines, newsletters and websites can keep one updated on the latest trends and all the other things that can keep one bubbly and youthful.
Imagine going to a party without knowing the steps to to PSY's Gangnam Style.
Refine your sense of humor with general knowledge
Having a good sense of humor is possible if you have good observation skills and if you know lots of trivia. You will be able to crack a joke or play a pun on a word easily if you can weave in a fact or two and use it in satire of a situation you are in.
General knowledge will help you have an opinion
Opining is not always about telling someone what you think or whether you like or dislike something. It involves subtleties of making an informed choice, taking a side, manipulating and maybe even cajoling someone to do something.
Enhance your public speaking skill with general knowledge
The importance of general knowledge percolates deeper than just being able to be a good conversationalist. There mere fact of being armed with well rounded knowledge can give a speaker's confidence a solid boost before and during a public speech.
General knowledge increases creativity and innovation
Academic curriculum may not be enough to increasing creativity and innovation in children and adults alike. Everyone learns the same things in school and college. What makes people different from each other is the extra knowledge they have.
Quest for general knowledge: Makes for an excellent hobby
What will you possibly do if you are feeling bored and you don't have a laptop or a smartphone in sight? Get even more bored, is possibly one of the top answers. Your quest for general knowledge will make you look forward to just picking up a newspaper, book or a magazine and spending hour after hour reading a habit well desired.
What can I say…old fashioned or not, we owe it to our children to help start this invaluable habit early on in life.


  1. Good article. Just one point - what differentiates people is the ability to assimilate myriad facts and then our attitude towards using this knowledge creatively. Knowledge itself does not ensure creativity.

  2. Very true Ashish, and attitude is also largely driven by the confidence that comes by knowing.......