Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day!!!

“Fun, Toys, Jokes, Protection”


“The most reliable person in my life”

“Will always be by my side, when I am in trouble”

“Cannot see tears in my eye?”

“Has made me who I am”

“Has taught me my life’s toughest, but the most important lessons”

“Most simple straight forward person, my role model”

“My strength to face anything comes from him”

These are few of the impulsive answers that I got when I posed the question, “What comes to your mind when you think of your father”.

 Honestly father is one role in our society that gets underplayed on the emotional scale as the expressions  that come to our mind when we think of our father or any father are: like a rock, strong, strict, keeps me in line, please don’t tell him as he will get mad…….

These emotions though may sound harsh are the ones that truly keep us in check.  From day zero father is a hand that we hold that is synonymous with strength - a person who carries us on his shoulders so that we never lose sight of our dreams, provider – who makes sure all our wishes are fulfilled, guide – who bargains love to be the toughest teacher so that we graduate well in our lives.

Today when I reflect I can’t stop wondering where does the boy, who turns a father get all this strength from to live a life of responsibility with full commitment and conviction and never ask for anything in return other to make him proud……That’s the least that we can do for the person who provides the wings for our dreams.

Plan a game of ball or go for a long drive or watch a game together or take him out to his favourite joint, or a fishing trip or just simply say thank you to the person who lives his life only to protect the happiness of his child.

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