Tuesday, 13 May 2014


How can a trophy or an award go beyond being an object of happiness for the winner and the winner’s family?
Let’s imagine that it inspires and motivates others to walk the path of victory and achieve dreams.
Let's imagine that it acts as a springboard for many to achieve feats unimaginable, conquer their fears, overcome their weaknesses and enable the feeling of “I CAN DO IT TOO”.
Let's imagine that it creates a virtuous cycle of passing the baton of the intent of victory.
Let's imagine that it makes the community a better place and everybody in the community a better citizen.
Let's imagine that it embodies a strong character that becomes a role model for many.
Let’s imagine it DARES TO ACHIEVE.
Isn’t this the reason that the halls and corridors of the schools and important offices are lined with the people from history, who have achieved feats beyond human reason, to inspire us. But why do they fail to do so? Why do many children feel I am no Gandhi, how can I do what he did? How can I be Graham Bell he discovered the telephone because there was no means of communication then. Why is it that the children are not being able to relate with the achievers of the past and follow in their footsteps? Is it that the children are undermining their achievements.........?
The simple answer is NO! It's just that the reasons or the circumstances of the achievements in the past seem unrealistic and difficult to relate with for the children in today’s world. It's easy for them to put the achievers from the past on a pedestal and shower gratitude on them, then impersonate them.  
Today when the past reasons for achievements and victories are constantly becoming obsolete there is need for children to derive inspiration from their current environment. It is easy to feel connected and understand the impact of actions, behavior and attitude with examples that are more recent, even better if the examples are peers who are making a difference in the same environment as their own.
HALL OF FAMEs, all the over the world have been a source of pride and inspiration for many aspiring to walk in the footsteps of their role models. The aspirants strive hard to fulfill their dream of induction in them. The reason is the HALL OF FAMEs capture the recent story and promise to carry forward the legacy of achievers.
We at 'The Commuknitree' strongly feel that by introducing the concept of the HALL OF FAMEs at the community level and rewarding actions based on behavior, attitude, and manner will not only help the children in the communities to strive for victories but will help them differentiate the right from wrong and build stronger selves. 
The COMMUNITY HALL OF FAMEs can be used not only to applaud the accomplishments of children, who have achieved victories, but channelize these victories on a day-to-day basis and motivate all the children in the community to strive for strong characters and achievements manifold. By recognizing accomplishments beyond academics, the COMMUNITY HALL OF FAMEs can help  broaden the outlook of the communities, appreciate many talents in children and help groom them into well rounded personalities by giving every child an equal opportunity. The intent should be to harness skills that require confidence, time and effort and use the good will of our communities as faces of parents, care givers and experts to motivate the attempts and efforts made by the children.
We at ‘The Commuknitree’ are very excited in anticipation of the time when all the children will aspire to the COMMUNITY HALL OF FAMEs by building a stronger self.
As quoted by Malala Yousafzaia, a 16 year old girl from Pakistan:

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”   

Let's make the voice of every child count and let's make their victories count too.

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